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Number 1
Maid Agency
in Singapore

Number 1
Maid Agency
in Singapore

Number 1
Maid Agency
in Singapore

What We’re Offering

Providing the Best Services
for Our Customers

Facilitating placement of Migrant Domestic Workers, including direct hiring and transfer helpers.

Offering training in infant care, eldercare, diverse cooking, English language, & maid orientation.

Managing administrative tasks such as work pass application (IPA), renewals, cancellations, security bond, insurance and medical checks.

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Types of Training we offer

  • Basic Household Management

  • Experienced Childcare/Infantcare

  • Comprehensive

  • meal-food

    Cooking Delicious Meals and Various Cuisines

  • Wheelchair Care for Seniors & Disabled

  • Communication and Interpersonal skills

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why engage Unistarr as your maid agency?

From job placement to training, we pay our utmost meticulous attention. We prioritize understanding the needs of employers and meticulously select MDWs through thorough interviews, ensuring we recommend the most suitable candidates. You can also benefit from our diverse range of MDWs and high service standards, making finding your perfect match hassle-free. Experience personalized support fostering positive maid-employer relationships. Contact us for a free consultation to witness our professionalism firsthand!

What are new/fresh maids/helpers?

New/fresh maids/helpers are prospective Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) awaiting employment in their respective home countries. Employers will choose them by reviewing biodata provided by the agency. Employers will have the opportunity to conduct video interviews with the candidates from the convenience of their home/work.

What are transfer maids?

Transfer maids are Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) currently employed in Singapore who, for various reasons, return to the agency to seek new employment opportunities. Employers will have the chance to conduct face-to-face interviews with them.

What is the selection process for hiring a maid?

Employers outline their needs, we then compile and send biodatas of suitable MDWs. Afterward, employers select preferred candidates for interviews. Once interviews are conducted and employers finalize their choice, we confirm with the MDW regarding the job scope. Upon confirmation from the MDW, the hiring process starts.

What are my responsibilities in a maid transfer?

Under the Work Permit Conditions, so long as the work permit is under the employer, he/she is legally responsible for the MDW even though consent were given to the MDW. All responsibilities will cease only when the work permit has been cancelled or MDW has been transferred to the new employer. As such, you are still liable for the food & lodging including medical expenses for the MDW.

What is the cost of the MDW's levy?

Monthly levy: $300.00, payment via General Interbank Recurring Order (GIRO)
Discounted levy: $60.00
Eligible schemes: Young Child or Grandchild Scheme, Aged Person Scheme, Persons with Disabilities Scheme Applicable to individuals with medical conditions requiring assistance with at least one daily living activity

What is a security bond?

A security bond is a formal commitment to reimburse the government (up to $5000) in case of violating the law or the terms of employing a helper. It's mandatory for every employed helper, except for those from Malaysia.

How can I learn more about a maid before hiring?

We provide the option to conveniently access maid biodatas online after registration. The biodata includes information about the maids that have been reviewed by their trainers. Moreover, you can schedule interview appointments with maids online through Video calls.