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New Maid Arrival

To uphold the standards of our migrant domestic workers and meet the expectations of employers, we rigorously enroll them in training programs at our centers, both domestically and internationally. 

Before arrival, the helpers go through medical check-ups and must have cleared all requirements . Unistarr employment will arrange all the necessary logistics and paper work so that the helpers go through seamless travel to Singapore.

Upon clearing the immigrations in Singapore, the helpers will be fetched by our friendly drivers.

Airport Transfer Service

We provide airport transfer services for your helper’s arrival or departure. Pickups can be arranged from either the residential address or our boarding house if your worker stays with us.

How can this service benefit you?

If you’re too busy to take your maid to the airport, we’ve got you covered. Avoid the hassle of dealing with large luggage on public transport or the anxiety of check-in—we’ll take care of everything, saving you precious time!

Home Leave

At Unistarr, we prioritize the home leave needs of our domestic helpers. We provide comprehensive support, handling everything from paperwork to transportation arrangements, to ensure a hassle-free process.

How can this service benefit you?

By entrusting Unistarr with your maid’s home leave, you can focus on other priorities knowing that every aspect is taken care of.

With Unistarr, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your helper will return refreshed and motivated, ready to continue their duties effectively.

Renewal of work permit / passport

At Unistarr, we manage meticulous paperwork for our valued clients. Over our years of service, we’ve alleviated our clients’ burden of submitting essential documents to the Ministry of Manpower and obtaining work permits.

How can this service benefit you?

By entrusting Unistarr with your paperwork needs, you can save valuable time and effort. Our experienced team in Singapore’s foreign domestic helper industry ensures a smooth process for passport renewal.

For busy employers or those preferring assistance, Unistarr offers accompaniment for your helper.