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Filipino Maids

Our Filipino maids at Unistarr Employment are not just skilled professionals but also compassionate individuals who prioritize the well-being of your family. Their nurturing demeanor and proactive approach make them trusted companions for children, seniors, and every member of your family.

They are able to maintain a tidy and comfortable home environment, they go above and beyond to ensure your household runs smoothly. Equipped with comprehensive training in household chores, cooking, childcare, and eldercare from our specialized training center, our maids bring a wealth of practical experience to their roles.

Many of them have honed their skills through extensive work both in their home country of the Philippines and abroad, including in regions such as the Middle East, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Their fluency in English enables clear communication and facilitates seamless integration into your family life.

  • Most popular group
  • Skilled in household duties, cooking, childcare, and eldercare
  • Able to speak English fluently
  • Indonesian Maids

    Indonesian maids from Unistarr Employment bring with them a wealth of experience and skills to cater to various household needs. Hailing from Indonesia, they are known for their diligence, adaptability, and proficiency in performing household tasks efficiently.

    Whether it's childcare, cooking, or general housekeeping, our Indonesian maids are committed to providing top-notch service to our clients. They are well trained in their training centres. We have partnered with a large pool of established training centres in Indonesia. Therefore you can be assured that our helpers are all well trained.

    We also have those whom had worked abroad countries like Middle East , Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Those from Taiwan bring in their elder care expertise and proficient in mandarin. We have a employers seeking mandarin speaking helpers. As such we are able to match their requirements

  • Many experienced helpers
  • Skilled in household duties, cooking, childcare, and eldercare
  • Able to speak basic English/Mandarin/Cantonese
  • Myanmese Maids

    Myanmar maids, also known as Burmese maids, are highly sought after for their hardworking nature and eagerness to learn. Originating from Myanmar, they are adept at household chores, childcare, and elderly care. With their gentle demeanour and willingness to adapt, Myanmese maids from Unistarr Employment bring a sense of reliability and trustworthiness to every home they serve.

  • Single or Married. Fresh, ExOman, ExAbroad & Ex SG
  • Able to handle household chores
  • Able to speak little English
  • Manipur & Mizoram Maids (India)

    Manipur and Mizoram maids are highly regarded for their adaptability, creativity, and dedication. Originating from Northeast India, they bring a rich cultural background and diverse skills, excelling in cooking, childcare, and household management. Their friendly demeanour and strong work ethic contribute positively to any household. Some employers consider these helpers due to their good command of English.

  • NorthEast India
  • Able to speak, read & write English fluently