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Why work with us

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  • Positive Work Environment

    We prioritize staff development with ongoing training and skill enhancement programs.

  • Work-Life Balance

    Enjoy flexible arrangements and supportive policies to manage professional and personal commitments effectively.

  • Employee Benefits

    We provide competitive compensation and health insurance to enhance our staff's overall well-being.

Insight into Staff Responsibilities at Unistarr

Source, screen, and interview candidates to match them with suitable employers.

Addressing inquiries and resolve issues regarding employers and domestic helpers.

Assist with administrative tasks
such as documentation and scheduling.

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Why you should work at Unistarr

Are you interested in joining Unistarr as a helper?

Singapore offers a secure work environment with laws safeguarding the rights of both locals and foreign workers, including domestic helpers like those under Unistarr Employment.

As a diverse city, Singapore welcomes people from all walks of life, providing a sense of familiarity through its rich culture and culinary diversity, aiding in the settling process for newcomers. Despite its small size, Singapore boasts stunning urban landscapes that make it an attractive place to work and explore.

Singapore boasts a high standard of living and a secure working environment, with the Ministry of Manpower enforcing regulations to ensure the well-being of employees, a commitment shared by Unistarr Employment.

Benefits of joining us!

  • Easy to Find Us

    Our offices are accessible every day of the week and conveniently situated to offer assistance and aid.

  • We find you Matching Employers

    We'll assist you in securing an appropriate employer that matches your skills and expertise.

  • You can start work swiftly!

    We guarantee swift placement, enabling you to commence work promptly.

  • Good Training Programme

    Benefit from complimentary training, enhancing your confidence in family caregiving.

Types of Training we offer

  • Basic Household Management

  • Experienced Childcare/Infantcare

  • Comprehensive

  • meal-food

    Cooking Delicious Meals and Various Cuisines

  • Wheelchair Care for Seniors & Disabled

  • Communication and Interpersonal skills