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This a common topic in many gatherings and chit-chat sessions.
I have heard many people ask this question. Which FDW is the best?

Is there an answer to this question?
There is not a ‘one answer fits all’. Each Employer is different, requirements differ, households vary so each Employer is unique. Even among siblings, I have seen the requirements differ. Each of us as individuals are different and so is each household.

Every household has a specific requirement and lifestyle in which an FDW has to fit in. Like management styles the individual household style needs to be identified first by the Employer. ‘Directive, authoritative, affiliative, coaching’ are some of the terms associated with management styles. These terms could apply for Employers to identify their ‘FDW management style’.

Employers are individuals in a private sphere in their own household. At home usually, one’s true personality surfaces compared to the persona at workplace. There is a behavioral and persona change in all individuals at various situations. Similarly, only the Employer would be able to identify their personas in their private sphere.

Contrarily, the dual persona concept cannot be applied for the FDW as she needs to stay-in with the Employers. Here the FDW is made to adopt a particular persona and to live with it for the two-year period.

The FDWs come from a few countries only and each has their own cultural & lifestyle differences. Employers can narrow down to the nationality that suits the Employer’s personality taking into consideration their ‘FDW management style’, financial comfort & lifestyle.

The successful stories of FDW & Employers that we hear of are mainly those that have accepted each other’s differences and compromised.

There isn’t a perfect FDW nor a perfect Employer!