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COVID19 has taken over the world like a sudden storm and daily this is all we all hear and talk about. It is definitely a challenging period for everyone, including the FDWs. Recently, we have been counselling more FDWs than the usual.

The FDWs seem to be emotionally down and stressed with the current situation. Some are worried about their loved ones back home and with the numbers increasing daily it is not reassuring for them too. As lockdowns seem to be getting extended for most neighbouring countries, the FDWs seem more worried and restless. Some of the FDWs seem to express their anxiety as they lack information of the current situation back in their hometown. Hearing us update them of the situation in their respective countries seemed to put the helpers at ease.

Employers could share the updates of the COVID reports and also allow FDWs to check on their loved ones. As employees we are all facing various level of stress due to the current situation and the FDWs are not exceptional.

Some of the FDWs were having issues coping with their job scope as their Employers and the children are staying home since the circuit breaker. As the FDW’s daily routines get adjusted do give them time to adjust and be patient with them.