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At Unistarr, we are dedicated to connect families and households in Singapore with top-quality domestic helpers from diverse backgrounds, ensuring everyone benefits from our exceptional service. Since 2015, Unistarr has been bridging the gap for families across Singapore by providing top-quality domestic helpers from various backgrounds to cater to all household needs. Our service emerged from the desire to resolve common frustrations employers faced with mismatches in Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs). Over the years, we've successfully placed thousands of helpers.

Our motto, "We Hear Your Needs," reflects our commitment to understanding and addressing employer's concerns. We prioritize guiding employers through the shortlisting process, ensuring clear communication and understanding in during interviews. Helpers receive comprehensive training in various skills, leading to high retention rates.

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Our Processes

Discover our meticulous selection process in action!

Step 1

Requirements of employers gathered by EA personnel

Step 2

Recommendations of MDWs by Unistarr

Step 3

Interview of MDWs (return to Step 2 if not suitable)

Step 4

Confirmation of MDW by employers

Step 5

Job Scope of MDW sent to overseas agent for confirmation

Step 6

Processing of MDW application

Step 7

Approval of Application

Step 8

Embassy Processing (if applicable)

Step 9

Arrival of MDW (medical clearance)

Step 10

Handover of MDW

Step 11

Work Permit Card Registration

Step 12

Post-Placement Check

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